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                Haimen City Qilin Medical Equipment Factory
                 地址 江苏Ψ省海门市开发区定海路118号   226100
                 电话/手机 0513-82615080/82119698  13862862863
                 传真 0513-82616097
                 邮箱 webmaster@qilinyq.com.cn
                 官网 http://www.qilinyq.com.cn
                 联系人 孙连英
                 点击次数 12645
                 本半年点击数 939
                 产品 海门市麒麟◣医用仪器厂共有70条产品信息
                 服务 海门市麒麟医用仪器事厂共有0条服务信息



                Haimen City Qilin Medical Instrument Factory,founded in 1982,specializes in the manufacturing of lab instrument and consumable. With its perfect manufacturing skill and advanced managing experience,our factory has gained high credit standing in the field of scientific research nationwide. Our tiptop service concept is human oriented while serving the scientific research. We have tight cooperation with a large number of universities and scientific research institutes, during the course of which, we have built up a sound enterprise image.
                In the year of 1990,our product were selected as the special detecting instrument by the 11th Peking Asian Games Stimulant Test Center.
                In the year of 2008,our product were selected again as the special detecting instrument by the 29th Beijing Olympic Games Stimulant Test Center.
                In the circumstance of high technology,we have a brand new oath:innovating while pursuing excellence;developing while serving scientific research.

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